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Contest Information: Short video that highlights the HSTE organization

Task:  Submit a creative video that highlights and promotes the HSTE organization.

Winner: The winner will be determined by the HSTE board and fan favorite YouTube "Thumbs Up".

Purpose: This contest invites educators to create a short video that highlights and promotes the HSTE organization. The winner will be given a 2017 ISTE registration and a $500 travel stipend.

A description of the criteria:

  1. You must be a member of HSTE and currently living in Hawaii to participate. (You can join HSTE at any time by visiting
  2. An image of HSTE logo and reference to must be present in the video.
  3. The category, "Who is HSTE?"
  4. Video must be between 30 - 90 seconds. No longer than 90 seconds.
  5. Winners will receive a free 2017 ISTE registration (not including membership), a $500 travel stipend for ISTE 2017, and have his/her video published on the HSTE website.
  6. The selected winner must be able to provide permission forms for anyone appearing in his/her video.
  7. Upload your video to YouTube, set it as "public", and share your video on Twitter, Facebook, & Google+ with the hashtag #HSTEtoISTE. "Thumbs Up" counts for your YouTube video will be considered for fan voting!
  8. Completed submission (form and video) are due by May 7, 2017. Only 1 submission per person.
Click here for Contest Rules 


  1. April 7th - First day of contest.
  2. May 1st - Last day to submit form and video; and fan favorite voting.
  3. May 7rd - Winners will be notified by email.
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