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ISTE 2015 - Philly Re-Cap

I hope all of you that were able to attend had a great time at ISTE this year. Below are some re-caps from some of the HSTE Board Members this year.

From Elizabeth Garrison (Current President):
As expected ISTE 2015 was an overwhelming week of EDfun! This year I focused on what I could learn from other state affiliates and discovering ways to leverage ISTE resources for our state. My week began with the affiliate meeting.  We had 3 board members representing Hawaii so we were able to maximize opportunities to learn and share from the other attendees. We all picked up some useful tips and made some great connections. On the first day of ISTE I volunteered at the affiliate booth. I enjoyed talking with attendees about state affiliates and ISTE. I was even able to sign up educators from Hawaii who had not heard of HSTE. The entire wing that day was dedicated to ISTE resources such as ISTE special interest groups. Hawaii had representation in many of these booths such as the EdTech Coach and Independent Schools. 
For being such a new affiliate, Hawaii has a huge presence at ISTE. Not only are we actively involved with ISTE groups but also there were many sessions led by educators from Hawaii at ISTE. This is a great accomplishment since the proposal pool is very competitive! Another highlight was the Alaska and Hawaii meet up. Despite the downpour, it was well attended with Complex Area Superintendents, principals, teachers, and even representatives from ISTE’s leadership team. Also, thank you to our sponsors- Mimio, Gaggle, and Network 2000. Hawaii has some amazing educators and I love that ISTE gives us an opportunity to share our talents with the world. 

Bill Burr (ASTE President), Elizabeth Garrison (HSTE President), and Susan Larson (ISTE Director of Volunteer Leadership)

Elizabeth addressing all the guests and thanking our sponsors - Mimio, Gaggle, and Network 2000.
Elizabeth, Trina Davis (ISTE Former President), and Bill.

I can’t wait until ISTE 2016- see you in Denver!

From Michael Fricano II (President-Elect):

This was my second time attending the ISTE conference and the best part of the entire experience is the networking! Two years ago, I attend ISTE in San Antonio. I didn't know too many people then, but I did know that if I wanted to grow as a educator, this was the place to start! Two years later, I returned to ISTE, looking forward to meeting face-to-face many of the educators that I've connected with online over the past two years; through Twitter chats, webinars, Google summits, and Google+ communities. This year, I also attended ISTE wearing several "hats", that of President-Elect of HSTE, a Tech Integration Specialist, a Google Certified Trainer and ISTE presenter, and a returning educator for a Makerspace course. I came with the goals of learning about new trends and technologies, sharing my knowledge with other educators, and gaining new knowledge and skills in the area of Makerspaces and tinkering. And ISTE delivered, as it always does! I stuck mostly to the poster sessions, playgrounds, and networking sessions. They allow for the most flexibility and variety. You can quickly gather resources, talk with presenters one-on-one, play and tinker with new and re-purposed technologies, all while setting your own pace. Here are just a few of resources I gathered from ISTE:

  • Check out Jennifer Scheffer’s Ignite Session on her student-led Help Desk
  • If you have 3D printers at your school and also are exploring hydro- and aquaponics systems, print

    and assemble your own with!

  • Teach students valuable presentation skills with activities like snake oil and PowerPoint Karaoke (ask me

    about it!)

Left to right:

HSTE President & President-Elect  Elizabeth Garrison and Michael Fricano II

w/ Kasey Bell and James Petersen, Google Certified Trainers and Innovators

w/ Peggy George, retired educator and administrator, co-host of Classroom 2.0 LIVE

This was also the first time I presented at such a big conference! I did a poster session with my colleagues which allowed me to further network and connect with like-minded educators and administrators! I also presented at the Google for Education booth and met a lot of enthusiastic teachers.

If there is one conference you should set a goal to attend, it should definitely be ISTE! There is something for everyone, but the most powerful reason of all is the networking, connections, and relationships you form with educators from all over the world! Hopefully I see you there next year!

From Mike Travis (Past President - 2014):

I have attended many ISTE Conferences; but not this year.   That didn't mean I missed out, though.   Thanks to all the participants at the conference tweeting at #ISTE2015, I was able to gather a ton of resources to read and review throughout the year.  Here is a link to the list of items I found interesting.

Or, for free activities, see below:

  • Follow the Twitter Feeds!  So many people will be posting information about the sessions they are attending, you will fee like you are there in person.  This is also a great way to build up your professional development communications by following people you see posting interesting posts.  Here are the main two hashtags.   #ISTE    #ISTE2015

  • Check the ISTE Conference site.  Some events may be streamed live and you can sign up to see some events here.

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