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Mike's Final Thoughts

Aloha, all HSTE members!  I just wanted to say a final goodbye as I leave the HSTE board (due to term limits).  I still remember that day at the Honolulu Club back in 2009 when Phil Bossert gathered a group of educators to talk about setting up an organization to become the ISTE Hawaii Affiliate.  I can't remember everyone who was there, but I know that Mark Hines (2012 President) and Melissa Handy (2017 President) were there as well. It started with all of us joining the Tech Corps Hawaii Board so that we would have a non-profit organization to sponsor us for the ISTE application. In 2011, it all came true at the annual ISTE meeting when HSTE became an official ISTE affiliate.

One of the first pictures of the 2012 HSTE Board

From the day I joined in to be a part of this adventure, I knew that it would be amazing.  Our goal all along was to connect educators to talk about the future of education.  I have met so many interesting people along the way.  I have watched as our membership grew from 100 members to 1,000 and now to more than 1,500 members!  I have seen our newsletter grow from a simple email to an ongoing monthly publication where we share all the unique and exciting education events going on around the islands.

We have seen lots of new innovations through these years as well, from project and problem-based learning, student-led learning, 1:1 iPad implementations across the country, 3D printers, makerspaces, coding for everyone, and so much more!

Going to the affiliate meetings at ISTE, I learned that HSTE is actually doing great things and will continue to do so.  We have played an important role in helping to grow the Schools of the Future Conference into record numbers this year.  And, our Hawaii Education Leadership Summit (HELS) before SOTF has helped leaders around the state to work together for change.

A picture from my hotel in Anchorage, Alaska when I went there
in 2014 to represent ISTE at the ASTE Conference

With Jane McGonigal at the HSTE Bookstore for her book signing
at the Schools of the Future Conference.

With Jessica and Nathaniel at ISTE 2014 in Atlanta representing
ISTE as the President.

While I am leaving the board, I know that I will always be a part of HSTE as it continues to grow and expand, reaching beyond Hawaii and to the world.

Thank you again for being with me for the journey.

-Mike Travis :-)

  • 2009-2011 Tech Corps Hawaii Board Member
  • 2011-2016 HSTE Board Member
  • 2014 HSTE President

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